About Stabilys Ltd

The senior staff of Stabilys have been providing computer services to the SME sector as the "London Trading: Computer Division" for over eighteen years. Throughout that period we have concentrated on the SME sector.

We have senior staff with well over 20 years individual continuous experience in the IT industry, who have seen the development of IT in the smaller enterprise from its earliest days, and who are familiar with the whole range of possible solutions. Because we have been supporting our customers for many years, we have an extensive understanding of the needs and constraints of the Small and Medium Enterprise, which very often are distinct to the requirements of the corporate-scale organisation.

As a result of our experience, we have designed solutions specifically for our customers that can help them to manage their otherwise spiraling IT costs. These solutions are designed to deal with the real needs of the SME.

Stabilys Limited was incorporated in 2003 to provide a specific vehicle to support our new service offerings in IT management.

About our Partners and Associates

We do not have binding arrangements with any supplier, however we do of course have preferred suppliers and preferred equipment. We have developed various partnerships that enable us to gain enhanced access to a range of product information and, more importantly, enhanced product support. These relationships permit us to provide improved services, but do not limit us to these vendors.

We sell, support and recommend HP Equipment and Technologies. We have been working with HP for over ten years now, and have found that they consistently provide after-sales service that is amongst the best we have encountered. This is very important to us as we will exdpect to be dealing with the eqauipment we supply over its complete lifespan.


We have recently been appointed as a Symantec Software Partner, after selling and supporting Symantec (formerly Norton) software, services and security information appliances for several years. Symantec Corporate products have shown very consistent performance over the years.


Stabilys are authorised resellers of Microsoft software, and through our associated company London Trading we are an Authorised Education Reseller (AER), which allows the sale of Microsoft Software at discounted rates to bona-fide Education establishments. We have staff who have been certified as Microsoft Licensing Specialists and we can advise you on how you can keep your software license regime legal, and also of  the wide array of options that Microsoft now offer when licensing their software.


We support (and use extensively) Open Source software which can have significant advantages if it fits in with your orgaisation's methods and usages.




- and yes, we understand Linux too.


IT is our business