Introducing Stabilys Sales

Stabilys can provide almost anything IT related, from an ink cartridge to a complete multi-site virtual private network-enabled network installation. We can supply at as good a price as you will get elsewhere; quickly, conveniently, and with friendly knowledgeable service thrown in. We are very knowledgeable and very well connected when it comes to providing IT related hardware, software - and services.

We study the trends, but don't necessarily follow them. We make it our business to understand what is useful to your business, and how whatever innovation is proposed will fit in with the investment in IT you have already made. Our staff understand not only the technology, but also the market. We have excellent relationships with all the major - and some significant minor - manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

We refuse to accept money, favours, foreign holidays, or preferential treatment from any of our suppliers. We are therefore able to give our customers unbiased information and recommendations as to what is really suitable for their business - and what is not.

We have frequently been known to forgo the profit of a sale when we believe a customer would be wasting their money on a particular product. We can match most other suppliers' prices, but we will also advise you when we believe that the cheapest is not always the best.

We can give you the inside insight of why not to buy something: whether it be the experiences of others, the availability of the manufacturer or supplier for warranty support, or simply the fact that slick advertising and hype often lacks real substance and quality.

In IT it is often difficult to separate the desirable from the essential, or recognize the item or process which gives the real cost saving or competitive advantage.

We believe we understand the difference.

IT is our business.

New links with Symantec

Stabilys are now official suppliers for Symantec Corporate products.

We have been promoting and supporting Symantec (formerly Norton) products for many years. The closer links we have now developed will give us better access to support and outbreak information